LCCC Award Criteria

Latino Canadian in Media

Nominee helped change the status quo with regards to social media. Leads by example when it comes to exposing and supporting Latino culture and businesses. Action orientated and reliable source of Latino information.

Latino Canadian Business

Nominees must be in continued leadership of a registered business (public listed or non-listed) for no less than 2 years with evidences of financial success or successful business growth. Show leadership within the Latino community. May be advertising, sponsoring a Latino event, networking and using Latino based suppliers, human resources, products and/or services.

Latino Canadian Not-Profit Organization

Nominee Organization has successfully promoted and supported Latino culture for over 2 years. Has collaborated and embraced other Latino communities’ organizations and/or businesses. This organization must have created solutions to community challenges here and/or abroad and fulfilled a fundamental community need.

Latino Canadian Community Worker

The nominee is an individual, which has made outstanding contributions to community without due compensation or personal financial gain. The individual has or had a philanthropic community involvement. The number of volunteer hours and/or resources such as food, donations, and clothing exceeds the average.

He/she has contributed to families in-need or an organization of that nature. We welcome testimonials of how the individual has promoted the Latino culture as a community of vibrancy and opportunity.

Latino Canadian Athlete/Coach

Nominee may be an athlete, team, or coach. To qualify, nominee must possess all 5 core values identified under LCCC champion of character program on and off the field/court.

These 5 core values are: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Servant Leadership, and Sportsmanship.

Latino Canadian Artist

Artist must be actively involved in the arts and could be an artist by hobby or by profession in the areas of theatre, painting, music, dance, fashion, comedy, etc.

Latino Canadian Entrepreneur

Nominee should be someone who has been inventive, creative and even accepting risks in the effort to start a new venture.

This is someone who despite all odds and challenges is breaking through new ground.

Latino Canadian Student

Nominee will be the student who submits the best essay on the following topic: “What does being a Latino Canadian mean to you?”

Award winning essay will include consideration to success, goals, vision, community and cultural integration.

Latino Canadian Lifetime Achievement